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More fit life with İçim Fit

A healthier nutrition leads to a better fit life. With a high 30 gr protein and a low-fat content, İçim Fit Milk correspond to the needs of those that lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Do your body a favor, choose İçim Fit Milk for protein you need after sports activities and during snacks.


What is Protein?

Protein is an element that helps to form our muscle tissue. It comprises about 20% of our body weight. Proteins help muscle formation and development, cell growth, bones development and body tissue formation and repairmanet. Proteins that contain amino acids are large molecules that are necessary for our bodies and all the cells in our bodies to work smoothly. The building stones of our bodies like cells, tissues and organs would not exist without protein. There is a significant amount of protein in the muscles, skin, skeleton and other areas of the body. Protein comprises about 20% of our body weight. In this sense, protein is an element that is the most present and important in our bodies after water.

What are the Sources of Protein?

Protein can be mostly found in milk and dairy products and animal based food like eggs, meat, poultry and fish. Legumes and dried unshelled nuts are also a great source of protein.

What is Our Daily Protein Requirement?

The daily amount of protein people require depends on various parameters such as age group, body size and growth rate. However the protein requirement for healthy adolescent men and women is calculated as 0.8 grams per kg. So, depending on the body weight, an average person should consume 40-65 gr of protein daily.

What are the Features of İçim Fit Milk?

İçim Fit Milk is high protein fat free milk. Fat free İçim Fit Milk, with 30 grams of high protein in a 500 ml bottle provides an ideal alternative to drink during sports and for snacks. High protein İçim Fit helps obtain the daily protein intake, burn extra fat and achieve a more trim appearance with its special formula.

Without added sugar and only 50 calories in a 100 ml bottle, low calorie İçim Fit is also a new option for people who are dieting, since it is fat free. Available to consumers in two different flavors and a 500 ml bottle, chocolate flavored İçim Fit has only 0.5% fat and vanilla flavored İçim Fit has 0.2% fat. You can get your daily protein requirement in a delicious drink by choosing one of the chocolate or vanilla options.

  • İçim Fit provides 60% of your daily protein requirement.
  • It contains 100% more protein compared to other UHT milks.
  • Athletes need more daily protein. İçim Fit provides the required protein intake during and after exercising, to accelerate muscle development and reinforce the immune system.
  • İçim Fit is an excellent alternative for your diet with its fat-free milk ingredient.
  • No added sugar.
  • 100ml only has 50 calories.

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